• I called Nikki out because one of our new ponies came over from Argentina with a back problem. Nikki treated her with massage and long-wave ultrasound and gave me some exercises to do with her at home. Her back improved enormously – she was much happier under saddle and played to the end of the season. I will certainly be calling Nikki out again to check our horses before next year’s season starts, and she’ll be a regular visitor throughout the summer!
  • Elinor, Head Groom, private polo yard
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Equine Physiotherapy

At Bach Vet Physio, we have many years’ experience working with all types of horses, from happy hackers through to horses competing on the international circuit, both as riders, grooms and owners ourselves and as therapists. We can support you and your horse whether rehabilitating from injury or surgery, preparing for and dealing with the demands of competition, helping with problems associated with aging, or just ensuring that your horse is moving as comfortably and freely as possible. We do not use painful or unpleasant techniques at any point during our treatment and use therapeutic handling skills to ensure your horse feels safe and relaxed throughout.

Conditions addressed:

  • Acute or chronic injuries to muscle, bone, tendon, ligament or skin
  • Back pain including saddle related issues
  • Pain related behavioural problems such as bucking, rearing, napping
  • Performance issues or performance deterioration
  • General stiffness or movement problems
  • Muscular imbalance
  • Joint problems and diseases
  • Post surgery rehabilitation
  • Wounds and abrasions

Physiotherapy treatments last approximately 1 hour, with the initial assessment often taking longer. It may be necessary for your tack to be available. After the session, we will discuss a home programme tailored for you and your horse, to help maintain their improvement in between sessions.

Please ensure your horse is dry for treatment.

Your horse will need to be in a quiet, safe environment, with yourself present. Time off hard work may be required for a day or two after physiotherapy treatment.

Cancellation policy is 24 hours.