• My advanced medium dressage horse, Icon Oberon, was always a bit tight in the back. Nikki has been treating him for several months. In that time his results have improved tremendously. He has won the "Your Horse" Magazine Restricted Medium Dressage League, qualified for the regionals at medium and my trainer now thinks he'll be ready to compete at PSG early next year.
  • Christine, Dressage Rider
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About Us

At Bach Vet Physio, we have many years of experience working with dogs and horses, both in veterinary and competition settings. As life-long horse and dog owners ourselves, we understand the importance of your animal’s mobility and comfort.

We work alongside veterinary surgeons, behaviourists, farriers and other therapists to promote strong lines of communication throughout the multi-disciplinary team.

We have a strong belief in animal welfare and therapeutic handling, and use our skills in this department to work with your animal to ensure they are fully engaged yet relaxed throughout the treatment and to enable us to achieve the best possible outcome.

IRVAP Members

We are both Full Members of IRVAP (Institute of Registered Veterinary and Animal Physiotherapists) and are fully insured.

As Registered Veterinary Physiotherapists, we only work under veterinary referral.

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